You can do it!

Monday..back at much to do…exhausted…I tell myself I can do it! I can!image



imageThis week I am back to work, on the Sunday before I sat down and started to thinsk about the months ahead, and without any new years resolutions rushing into my new my heart and thoughts,I decided I need to get someone sorted ahead of time. I had already put everyone’s birthdays into my calendar app, now it was trying to sort out holidays,birthday arrangements (youngest is 21 this year!) jobs to be done around the house, budgeting etc. It is slowly coming go together and it’s helped my focus.

i believe and hope this year will be a year of celebration…

Thank You🤗

When it comes to writing cards…birthdays…anniversaries.. Etc I don’t get any better at it each year. I say to myself must make a gesture…something permanent… Where I can visualise a friends smile…as they open the card…or a stranger…saying thank you for letting us stay in their home over Christmas… For about seven days I’ve been meaning to print of a photo of us all and say “thank you”to the lovely family that did provide that shelter..guess what I’m sitting at my computer stalled at the first hurdle with an “update”. The good thing is it resolved quickly..the printer worked….the photos printed but I have done little else. Today was quiet….have all my family bar one at home….eldest daughters been working….🤑the youngest working through uni stuff…my husband modelling /crafting….🤔TV Janes Austin’s Emma… only this story and Pride & Predudice….I’ve steamed the unsuite….I’ve not really done much else…I’ve texted friends to make arrangements …they have not replied..yet….I feel listless…🙄.I think I’m ready for work again. Not sure the tiredness due to not doing anything particular is any better than the tiredness from doing too much. But I am thankful for the rest. It’s time to pull together for another year and make plans! I might put a stamp on the “thank you’s” soon.image

Jan 1st 2016

One word…. “Thankful “for the end of 2015…. Not a good year….but positive for personal reasons.. Completed  a very difficult course and my son graduated. We lost my Father in Law unexpectedly at the end of the year and has thrown us back into the face of grief again… Unwelcome numbing grief … The light started to break through when the festivities at Christmas kept us busy….. No need for resolutions just plan to celebrate life more in 2016… And spend more time with friends and family for the pleasure they give us and love to share while we can….image


We have Chickens! Had them for a while .They are noisy first thing,wanting to get out and about,thankfully I have a  helpful   daughter  who gets up early on some days to help us out.Blessed as I am with these beautiful creatures I can’t help but think they are planning something!10151507342203107


I love trees

Don’t you think trees in winter are beautiful? I used to take all seasons for granted! not anymore! I love all the variances and despite all we say in the uk, not all seasons are exactly alike, or the same each year!

Yesterday my better half and I took a little strole down the canal, it was bitterly cold,the wind battered us from behind, forcing our thoughts to the journey back. When we did turn back we moved our scarves over our mouths and noses,to keep warm, my breath smelt off coffee (the drink I had before we set out), my better half looked like a robber, people with dogs passed by, greeting us, but not wary off us despite how me must have looked!

Back to the trees,they are bare,yet the silouette of the branches,dark against the sky,look so beautiful,like veins,the snow clinging onto them almost in desperation. I have watched some crows making their nests in a line of trees along the canal, I can see them from my bedroom window.At this time of year the nests are exposed, they may be there every year but we wouldn’t necessarly know about it, but I am sure I would have remembered from last year, hence the feeling seasons,are never the same.I have noticed the daffodils are bushier,spreading out in the garden, mostly lost amongst the snow now for a while , hope they are ok!

Trees fascinate me, they stand so tall, commanding ,a sound or two, rustling,swishing,creaking,in the wind, like how the provide shelter for the birds, shade and food in the spring, some blossom with sweet smelling flowers,others uncurling buds into leaves through spring into summer.

Despite the chill in the air, the snow laden earth the trees still command my eyes to look forward to the warmer days but also to rest and enjoy what they bring now.


Spent Some Time In The Good Book


It’s a wonderful thing when you find yourself immersed in the Word Of God….

Todays it’s about sowing seeds.

I thought back to when as a teenager I took about a half an hour walk to my secondary school, and each day I passed a lady who nodded a “hello” to me and I nodded a “hello” back, never though much about it, just being freindly. It was only years later that I found out this lady prayed for me each time we passed each other. She was faithful and was fortunate to find that I became a christian while at this secondary school.

She had not known me beforehand and till this day I cant remember her name, we never became freinds, but her single “seed” sown saved my life.

Its these little moments in out lives that have such impact.

I don’t have such a “someone” I pass on the way to work every day but I have many I rub shoulders with.

I do hope to have the desire to sow more seeds more finely tuned and I realise again its not for us to know where those seeds are sown, its getting them sown, freely,willingly,